Over the last 20-plus years, celebrity-trainer, Rich Decker, saw there was imbalance in the way that people were training. Hyper-developed in some areas, underdeveloped in others. Worse still, the mind and spirit were left out of the equation all together. With The Decker Method, the mind, body and spirit are developed in unison for a thorough practice of wellbeing: the Trifecta.


I began working with Rich because I was unable to achieve my goals on my own: Increase my strength and endurance, and lose weight and improve the look of my body.  Within 6 months, the change was dramatic (reduced 4 pants sizes!).  Rich is totally professional, knowledgable, inspirational and motivational.  Three years later I’m still a “disciple”.  The “Decker Method” works!

Rob Likoff, Easthampton NY

While I was only first introduced to Decker this summer, I feel like I’ve known him forever. Being a college athlete I was looking for the best place to train at and I instantly found my home at The Decker Method. Not only is it the most amazing environment to train at, but Decker pushes me to my limit both physically and mentally. He is much more than a trainer. He helps instill in me the right mindset to train and compete and most importantly the keys to recovery so that I can come back the next day and feel fresh and ready to go again. Decker cares about each person that steps into the studio. I feel very lucky to work with the guy that brings an infectious energy and motivation each and every day to make me better.

Johnny Nierenberg, Wainscott NY

Head north on Sagg Bridge Turnpike and make a left hand turn onto Clay Pit Rd in Sag Harbor and you will arrive at a hidden gem! A place where you always feel good and leave feeling even better. Place where the leader and guru himself brings an energy and passion like you’ve never experienced!! This place, my friend, is The Decker Method. And I promise you once you arrive you’ll never leave! Decker will not only transform your body, but your mind as well, coaching you and guiding you to a better you. Check it out.

Elin Nierenberg, Wainscott NY

I have known Rich Decker for a long time but had not used The Decker Method before. I am thrilled to report that The Decker Method’s personal training is a multi-level experiential platform that works the mind, body and spirit. I have really enjoyed every minute under Rich’s dynamic vision for helping people with every element that makes their bodies work optimally. I’m learning so much and loving it!

Ty Wenzel-East Hampton, NY

The Decker Method is a spectacular, unique, soaring space, in a great location just outside the congestion of Sag Harbor town. The founder Rich Decker and his trainers are the best in the business, and always design diverse, customized training programs that make it fun to work out.

Mark Nelson-East Hampton, NY

My new favorite destination in the Hamptons….is The Decker Method. It’s an easy experience. I love that it is a “gym” off the beaten track and that I always have a place to park! As a recovering gymophobe, I appreciate the non-intimidating environment and the private, yet community-oriented setting. Rich personalizes my workouts to match my goals, my abilities and my mood 🙂 I am getting stronger and better every day from balancing my workouts, food and attitude. It doesn’t get much better than that…from someone who hated working out, I now look forward to it and am actually seeing positive change and solid results!

Regina Miller, Bridgehampton

I’ve been a member of several different gyms in Manhattan, trained with many different professionals, and have never seen results so quickly with such natural definition as I have with suspension and gravity training with Rich Decker. Clean, state of the art equipment, great light streaming through windows and doors that open to fresh air make this gym a very motivating environment to work out.

Christine Monteleone

I’ve been working out my entire life in one form or another. Never have I worked out in such a unique, innovative and totally effective way as I have with Rich. The results I am seeing are astonishing! He’s able to see what and where you lack and correct it. Let’s face it we all lack something. If you’re willing to spend the time, money and effort, why not get the biggest and best bang for your buck?!

Susan McMenamin

Body By Decker!! I have been working out under Rich Decker’s supervision for approximately a year and a half.I had tried other local gym facilities and trainers; and there simply is NO comparison after achieving a body by Decker!! He is extremely pro-active, intelligent, and knowledgeable about all aspects of anatomy and muscular physiology, with regards to your personal healthcare. Through his diligent oversight, and tactfully utilizing his strong sense of humor, he has enabled us to finally lose that extra weight, trim down everywhere, and tighten up our entire body.

Good Luck and he’ll keep you laughing too!

Richard Demato – North Haven

There isn’t a fitness studio on the East End that offers what The Decker Method does. Between the privacy of the spacious, light-filled studio and the state-of-the art equipment for resistance training, the studio can’t be compared to any other. Rich Decker is the Hamptons best kept secret!

There’s nothing like being able to workout without encumbrances and distractions encountered in other gyms. For any woman (or man) who might be a self-conscious working out in front of a room full people, you can appreciate the one-on-one training offered here even more. By using Decker’s philosophy of which U R The Machine, I was impressed at the fast results I saw!

Taylor Vescey, East Hampton Patch


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