The Decker Method

What is The Decker Method?

Over the last 20-plus years, celebrity-trainer, Rich Decker, saw there was imbalance in the way that people were training. Hyper-developed in some areas, underdeveloped in others. Worse still, the mind and spirit were left out of the equation all together. With The Decker Method, the mind, body and spirit are developed in unison for a thorough practice of wellbeing: the Trifecta.

“It’s about working towards the strongest body possible from the bone out. My method utilizes 100% of muscle efficiency. About 30-50% muscles haven’t been used in adulthood – we wake that up.”

Rich Decker works the cerebellum through fitness work, balance and coordination. He shows his students how to teach their muscles to fire their mind. While people only see 1% of the human body, The Decker Method works on the 99% leveraging the student’s full energy capacity. In addition, the student can work towards sports-specific guidance, whether it’s tennis, golf or whatever sport they wish to excel at.